Early childhood financial literacy is the key to empowering the next generation of wealth generators. Gaining early exposure to complex financial concepts helps to develop a positive relationship with money and create healthy money habits. The Bull & Bear book series lightheartedly tackles financial topics in fun, rhyming stories through its’ loveable characters, Bull & Bear.

Dedicated to Early Childhood Financial Education

Everyone knows within the first five minutes of having a conversation with Craig A. Robinson, he’s either talking passionately about his family or investing. With three girls under the age of six, he’s read hundreds of children’s books at bedtime but never read one book about money, saving, or investing. Because each individual has a relationship with money and financial habits, children must learn about personal finance at a young age, so they are empowered to make the correct financial decisions in the future.

Did you know…


Own Stocks

According to Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finance, a little over half of American families own stocks.


Financial Literacy

The lack of financial literacy costs the average American per the National Financial Educators.


No Savings

According to Harris Poll results, almost three quarters of Americans have some type of savings.

Q&A with Craig A. Robinson

Craig speaks to Jamar at Dad Notes about his new children’s book focused on early childhood financial literacy.

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Craig A. Robinson is a writer and has over 20 years of investment management experience, providing investment portfolio management on over $1.5 billion of assets for investors.